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Trish has a broad experience of working with nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools as well as adults, throughout the UK and more recently the US and the Caribbean. For over twenty five years Trish’s services to schools have included: story sessions; creative writing workshops; scriptwriting; drama workshops and educational talks. Trish uses her books to stimulate story making. Her stories have universal themes and are inclusive and accessible to all ages. Her work opens up an arena of creative activities to do in the nursery and classroom, both in literature and in the exploration of different cultures across the curriculum. Trish liaises with teachers to agree the shape and content of her workshops and tailors them closely to the age, interests and abilities of the children.

For older students  (11yrs to 18yrs) Trish introduces different forms of writing ie children’s books; stage plays; radio plays and writing for TV.

Trish also runs  a workshop for staff teaching 0 to 7year olds called Improving Story Telling Techniques.

The workshops can be one off sessions or a series of workshops throughout the year.

If you are interested in any of the above please e-mail for more information or ring 0845 630 0343 .



Our Children at the University of Essex Day Nursery recently enjoyed a visit from Trish Cooke, her stories were very popular with the children and gave them such a lovely learning experience being such wonderfully written multi-cultural family orientated stories.  Our Staff too enjoyed the training Trish gave on Improving storytelling techniques. Her enthusiasm, warmth and genuine passion for storytelling was a real inspiration to us all and will help motivate us to adapt our own story times to be more effective, engaging and most of all 'full, full, full' of fun!

Teresa Warren University of Essex Nursery

Thanks again for visiting our school. We all really enjoyed it and the children have not stopped talking about you since! The workshop was excellent and I was particularly pleased with how children who often lacked confidence were able to create their own character and talk about them in front of the whole class, offering ideas for a story. We will definitely be ordering more of your books and some of the other classes in school are also going to plan a set of Literacy lessons around your book 'So Much' which seems to be the overall favourite!

Jenny Taylor year 1 teacher at James' Infant School, Whitehaven, Cumbria

My class really enjoyed listening to your stories and they've been reading So Much all week independently! 

Mandip Chinji (Downsell Primary School, Leyton, London. Year 1 teacher)

Staff and children really enjoyed your visit. I certainly thought your sessions were inspiring - it was fantastic to see children enchanted and fully engaged with your stories and rhymes.

Julie Groves, Deputy Head, Strong Close Nursery School & Children's Centre

The children absolutely loved your sessions and the teachers were raving about you!

Kelly Green, Literacy co-ordinator Our Lady St Philip Neri School, Sydenham

Thank-you for the Workshops you did at our school. The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed them and I have also ordered a couple of books and the audio of So Much from your website.

Maneesha Puri, Class teacher at Cranford Infant and Nursery School, Middlesex

Last week I played the nursery and reception children the C.D of So Much and the looks on their faces was magical and they had fun joining in with the Ding Dong and remembering the characters.

  Maneesha Puri, Class teacher at Cranford Infant and Nursery School, Middlesex

We will definitely be keeping in touch and would love you to come and work with us again. In the meantime, we have been telling other people about you and your work, so hopefully you'll hear from some of the schools we've recommended you to.

Sasha Marius Beeko, Class teacher at Gateway Primary School, Westminster

Dear Ms. cooke-
My son, Henry, discovered Your book Full, Full, Full of Love when he was about 2. He adored it. We read it to him over and over. He is now 3 1/2, and recently had entered into a phase where he just didn't want to listen to stories. He would physically knock books out of our hands when we tried to read to him. We had also recently moved and somehow lost your book. figuring it might help, we went out of our way to find another copy of Full, Full, Full of Love. `we got it and read it to him. He loved it all over again! He brings it to us to read to him again and again and it has helped open up books to him again - we are now reading many books to him and he loves it! So I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I'm not sure what it is about your story that casts such a spell on our son, but we sure are grateful for it. I hope you have much continued success, and thank you!

John Yearly (daddy)

Just wanted to say how delightful your book is--SO Much--I found it in a library and had to go out and buy one for myself!  I also sent it to a friend a few days ago.  here's her reply: What a delightful surprise-SO MUCH!!  Until your children's book is published, this is officially my favorite book.  Definitely worth reading when there's a warm lump on my lap, chubby fingers and drool.  Thank you for warming our home and hearts with such well chosen tenderness.  Thought you'd like to see this.  Thanks for all the work and love you put into this book!  Martha